Top 5 latest innovations in Textiles and Fashion

Written by: Joe Macharsky on Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Written by: Joe Macharsky on Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Our Road to Paris series keeps going on, bringing you relevant information regarding the textile industry before our Business Beyond Borders matchmaking event at Texworld takes place. This week, it’s time for innovation to take the spotlight.

2016 and 2017 have been a very busy couple of years, with all kinds of new technologies giving their contribute to the textile sector. From fabric improvement, tagging and even wearable technology, we have chosen some of the newest developments to showcase.

  1. Maestley, by Teijin[1]

A new input on man-made leathers. Through a thoughtful process of fibre selection, non-woven structures, based material density and lamination methods, Teijin has managed to present a new high-grade man made leather. Seeking to tackle rising prices on leather, this comes as an option for leather-based apparel – especially footwear due to this fabric’s high durability.

  1. Post-Consumer cotton based jeans, by Levi’s and EVRNU[2]

Jeans giant Levi’s has joined forces with EVRNU to bring eco-friendly jeans into the market. The trousers are made entirely of regenerated post-consumer cotton waste. This new way of reutilizing waste seeks to ensure the garments’ quality and strength, while being characterised by the 511 classic Levi’s denomination. Certainly, a step forward towards a Circular Economy.

  1. Biofabrication Leather, Modern Meadow[3]

In short, Modern Meadow is growing leather. This innovative company is bringing sci-fi to reality. Through collagen growth, they are able to create leather and modify it for different purposes and quality bases. Their product is completely controlled, from DNA to clothing.

  1. Wood Fiber Yarn Technology, Spinnova[4]

From wood to yarn through an innovative process, simplicity is the key word Spinnova. Avoiding complex chemical processes, this is an important textile in order to improve environmental conditions and reduce the industry’s impact.

  1. Tech infused wearables, Emel+Aris[5]

Heating technology is one of the key trends for 2017 in the realm of textiles and clothing. After collecting more than £100.000 through a Kickstarter campaign, these coats are available to shop online and in physical stores. Their infrared heat energy warms up without any faulty wires, nor does it sacrifices the garments’ aesthetic value. Their slogan sums it up pretty accurately: “whatever the weather, style is never compromised”. Certainly, a high performance in fashion.

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